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Fusee Clock Parts

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  • Brass Fusee and Bracket Rod. 
    1/4" x 1/8" machined brass rod, slotted, cross drilled and machined to take the crutch pin.  The length of rod includes the 1 1/2" threaded section.  Knurled nut also supplied.

    Sizes Available


    From £11.35

  • Brass Pendulum Bob
    High Quality Brass Fusee Bob, with silver soldered edges, polished front and rear. 

    Sizes Available


    From £45.75

  • Fusee Pallet Blank
    Manufactured from 4mm carbon steel.
    Dimensions  :  Total Width  -  40mm
                                Total Height - 25mm
                                Gap between pallets - 20mm

    £4.45 exc VAT (£5.34 inc VAT)

  • Fusee suspension with drilled brass top.

    £2.55 exc VAT (£3.06 inc VAT)

  • Click Spring

    £1.95 exc VAT (£2.34 inc VAT)

  • Fusee Crutch Blank
    Manufactured from 1.00mm brass.
    Dimensions 51mm between centres of discs.

    £4.10 exc VAT (£4.92 inc VAT)

  • Fusee Stop Arm

    £4.10 exc VAT (£4.92 inc VAT)

  • Composite fusee bell stand. 3.00mm mounting for bell, supplied with square brass nut.  Dimensions 82.75mm between screw hole and bell seat.

    £11.90 exc VAT (£14.28 inc VAT)

  • Ears for drop dial clocks.  Hand carved from hardwood, ready for finishing.  Suits most drop dial cases. Sold as a pair.

    £12.95 exc VAT (£15.54 inc VAT)