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Wooden Flooring

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  • Rustins Acrylic Floor Coating
    A unique user friendly non-flammable product, with a low odour.  Dries to a hard, clear, non-yellowing finish.  It is ideal for use on wood and cork floors and as a sealer on concrete.  Available in gloss and satin.

    ** Mainland UK Delivery only **

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    From £16.50

  • Liberon Floor Cleaner
    This highly effective cleaner prepares old and existing wooden flooring for new treatment and finishing.  Cleans and removes built-up waxes, dirt and grime without stripping off varnishes.  Ready and easy to use it will not change the natural colour of the wood. 

    ** UK Delivery only  **

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    From £14.78

  • Liberon Floor Oil - 1 Litre
    Designed for use on all types of untreated real wood floors.  Liberon Floor Oil provides a water, heat and alcohol resistant finish that enhances the natural colour and grain of the timber.  Due to excellent water resistant properties it is ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms.  A slip resistant finish that preserves the natural look of the wood, as well as enhancing and protecting  against stains and scratches.

    ** UK Delivery only **

    £17.15 exc VAT (£20.58 inc VAT)

  • Liberon Floor Sealer
    An oil based formula.  Seals wood and parquet floors for protection against staining and scratching. Enhancing the natural colour of new and old wood, Floor Sealer is water, heat and alcohol resistant.  It can be used alone to achieve a final satin finish, or for a more durable finish, as a sealer prior to waxing or varnishing. Also suitable for sealing unvarnished cork surfaces.


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    From £16.13

  • Liberon Floor Wax
    A clear wax specially formulated to provide a non sticky, soft natural sheen and silky feel to all wood floor finishes.  It provides deep nourishing protection and is ideal for use in areas of medium traffic such as dining rooms and bedrooms.  Waxed surfaces can be slippery, so avoid use on stair treads and also where surface water is possible such as kitchens and bathrooms.  For best results and to further enhance the grain use over Liberon Floor Sealer.
    Endorsed by the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

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    From £17.79

  • Liberon High Resistance Varnish - 2.5 Litres
    A polyurethane varnish at 60% the hardness of glass, that provides exceptional protection for wooden flooring and a superior resistance to foot traffic.  Suited to rooms that are in constant use such as kitchens, lounges and hallways High Resistance Floor Varnish offers a high quality stain and water resistant finish in 24 hours.  Its low odour formula and slip-resistant surface make it ideal for use in the family home.  Available in Clear Matt or Satin

    ** UK Delivery only **


    £31.29 exc VAT (£37.55 inc VAT)

  • Mylands Liquid Floor Wax
    A clear wax, formulated to clean and maintain floors and produce a soft satin sheen.  Apply over pre-sealed or lacquered surfaces.  Can be used on untreated wood but only in very low traffic areas.

    ** UK Delivery only **

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    From £23.75

  • Liberon Natural Finish Floor Varnish - 2.5 Litre
    A superior, environmentally friendly, water based varnish that maintains the natural feel and look of the timber.  Highly resistant and exceptionally durable, Natural Finish Varnish can be used throughout the family home.  Suitable for use on soft or hardwood flooring it is quick drying and non-yellowing. Available in Clear Matt & Satin.

    ** UK Delivery only **


    £40.22 exc VAT (£48.26 inc VAT)

  • Clear Plastic Floor Coating is a cold cure, 2 part finish, based on Urea Formaldehyde Resins plasticised with Alkyd.  It produces a finish which is highly durable and resistant to impact, abrasion and most solvents.  It will enhance the natural colours of the wood and does not yellow or craze on ageing.  Plastic Floor Coating has a high solid content, 2 coats are usually sufficient on hardwood floors, but in heavy traffic areas, apply 3.  coating usually dry within 1 - 1 1/2 hours.


    £26.60 exc VAT (£31.92 inc VAT)