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  • Curator Clock Case Restorer
    Transforms that dull old wood, that listless French Polish, that lost patina at a wipe.  Not a wax nor a solvent.  Curator Clock Case Restorer will not damage or remove French Polish, Cellulose or Varnish.  A little goes a long way.

    Sizes Available


    From £6.80

  • Horolube Clock Oil
    Superfine quality clock oil, that has been specially formulated from a fluid blend of refined mineral oil.  Thin enough to coat working surface without being sticky, this oil repels moisture and does not gum up.

    Sizes Available


    From £6.45

  • Engravers Wax

    Engravers Wax for use on clock dials and other decorative engraving work.

    Colours Available:

    £3.90 exc VAT (£4.68 inc VAT)

  • A silver chloride based powder, giving a very easy method of silvering brass dials.  Simply rub on with a dampened cloth in a circular motion.  Brass surface must be free from dirt, grease or lacquer to ensure perfect adhesion.

    Sizes Available


    From £27.50

  • Use after silvering has been completed using finishing powder to ''finish'' the silvering process.

    Sizes Available


    From £10.10

  • Horelex Rust Remover
    Dissolves rust without the need for hard rubbing.  A preparation based on Phosphoric Acid, for removing rust or tarnish from ferrous metals.

    Sizes Available


    From £4.50