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Leather Care Products

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  • Here at Restoration Materials we have all the leather care products you could need if you’re looking to bring some life back into a piece of leather furniture or leather clothing. Depending upon the type of leather and its purpose, there are a multitude of different products that you can use to restore your furniture with ease.

    Whether you’re looking to inject some much-needed moisture into the material, buff it back to its former state or even re-colour the leather, we have everything you could need. From buff-on creams to leather protector sprays, whichever way you prefer to work with your leather materials, you can find it on this page.

    Our leather care products are ideal for use on leather upholstered furniture such as armchairs and sofas, clothing like motorcycle jackets and skirts, and even fashion accessories such as handbags, shoes and belts.

    If you’re unsure which product would be best for the job you’re working on, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Restoration Materials. One of us will be on hand to answer any queries you may have and help to provide you with the correct leather care product for your needs.

    Please make sure to consult our delivery and returns page before buying, giving an indication of delivery cost  – we price delivery on a per-product basis due to the size of our selection, and some of our leather care products are limited to UK-only delivery.

  • This is an ideal product to help restore old dry leather to its former state.  Being lanolin based, it replaces the natural oils lost over the years.  Can be used on any leather to give long term protection.

    £6.80 exc VAT (£8.16 inc VAT)

  • Rustins Leather Re-Colouring Balm restores the colour to faded and worn leather by simply rubbing in with a soft cloth.  It is suitable for use on all leathers except Suede and NuBuck.  Works well at re-colouring areas that have been exposed to sunlight or direct heat, and is ideal for colouring cat scratches and re-colouring worn, dry and faded areas.


    Colours Available:

    £10.50 exc VAT (£12.60 inc VAT)

  • Liberon leather cream penetrates leather to feed, soften and revive both antique and modern leather.  Easy to use, water based formula. Can be used to maintain colour.  Ideal for use on books, furniture, saddles, bags, coats etc.

    Colours Available:

    £10.70 exc VAT (£12.84 inc VAT)

  • Spray application - this product is silicone free and allows the leather to breathe naturally.  The unique formulation contains a water, dirt, oil and grease cheating scotch-guard 3m resin that resists marking.  It is colourless and will not dry out or harden the leather.
    Uses include : Leather Upholstered Furniture - Chair seats, 3 piece suites, armchairs
    Clothing  - Skirts, jackets, motorcycle suits and flying clothing.
    Fashion Accessories - Handbags, shoes, belts etc.

    ** UK Delivery Only **

    £20.25 exc VAT (£24.30 inc VAT)

  • £15.00 exc VAT (£18.00 inc VAT)

  • This product gently removes impurities from the pores of the leather - dirt, wax, polish etc.  Its lanolin based formula keeps the leather supple and soft.  Does not dry out delicate leather.

    £10.65 exc VAT (£12.78 inc VAT)