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  • If a piece of wooden furniture that you’re restoring is too dark, discoloured or stained, it can have a big impact on its appearance. Staining can also affect the amount you will be able to get for a piece of furniture if you attempted to sell it. Here at Restoration Materials, we can offer a range of wood bleaches to get your wood furniture looking as good as new.

    Our wood stain remover products are second to none, providing a perfect solution to unwanted stains. Our Liberon Wood Bleacher is an ideal wood bleach for removing dark stains caused by natural processes, such as rust and damp or manmade accidents like alcohol and ring marks. We are also suppliers of Rustins’ two-part wood bleach kit.

    In addition to removing stains, our wood bleaches are also excellent at returning wood to its lovely natural colour. We have products specifically for this purpose such as Lakeone’s wood lightener. Our wood lightener can be used to restore  naturally dark wood, which has darkened through alkali stripping or subjected to weather damage. If you want an even more extreme wood bleach, you can use Lakeone’s wood whitener, which will give a removal of colour from all red and dark woods. Can be used to turn red wood into oak or pine coloured wood, and will also remove most wood dyes.

    We can provide products for bleaching other materials, such as Chloromine T, which is great for use on old paper documents and prints.

    If you would like more information about any of our wood bleaches, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact page. We’d be delighted to be of help.

  • Chloramine T
    A white powder useful for bleaching paper, and removing foxing spots from old paper documents and prints.

    Dilute 12gms powder with 250mls of soft water, made up just before use.

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    From £5.00

  • Liberon Wood Bleacher
    For removing dark stains caused by rust, alcohol, damp, ring marks, fruit etc, and lightening naturally dark wood or natural wood which has darkened through alkali stripping, staining or weathering.

    ** Uk Delivery only **

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    From £5.60

  • Rustins Wood Bleach Kit
    500mls A &  500mls B two part wood bleach, ideal for removing weather stains, ink stains and for lightening natural wood.

    ** Uk Delivery only **

    £20.35 exc VAT (£24.42 inc VAT)

  • Lakeone Wood Lightener
    Ready for use.  Wood Lightener restores wood to its natural colour after stripping or weather exposure.

    ** Uk Delivery only **

    £12.00 exc VAT (£14.40 inc VAT)

  • Lakeone Wood Whitener     *******    OUT OF STOCK    *******
    Use to whiten dark wood or to remove most spirit and water based wood dyes.

    ** Uk Delivery only **


    £19.60 exc VAT (£23.52 inc VAT)

  • Supplied in crystal format.  Oxalic Acid is used for wood bleaching and the removal of stains.

    Directions for use : Mix 100g of Oxalic Acid with half a litre of warm water.  The bleaching process will continue for 1 - 2 hours.  When the wood is bleached the surface should then be washed with water.  If the wood is not pale enough it can be bleached again using the same process.

    £9.45 exc VAT (£11.34 inc VAT)