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Glue / Adhesives

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  • Available in clear or white.  A high strength 2 part, 2 ton epoxy.  Can be used on metal, wood, concrete, glass and china, ceramics and fibreglass.  Working Time - 30 minutes.  Handling time - 2 hours.


    £5.20 exc VAT (£6.24 inc VAT)

  • A clear expoxy adhesive which cures and joins things together by a chemical reaction between the resin and hardener.  This reaction results in high strength bonds that are resistant to most chemicals.  Can be used on metal, wood, concrete, glass, china, ceramics and much more.  Sets in 5 minutes.

    £5.20 exc VAT (£6.24 inc VAT)

  • Cascamite Powdered Resin Wood Glue (One-Shot)

    Cascamite - The original powdered resin wood glue with gap filling properties, ensures weather and water resistant joints every time.  Ideal for exterior and interior joinery and all cabinet work.  Bonds stronger than the wood itself.  Mix 2 parts glue to one part water.

    Sizes Available


    From £3.30

  • Evostick W Resin Glue
    A water resistant synthetic polymer based adhesive, suitable for general woodworking purposes.  Making bonds stronger than the wood itself.

    Sizes Available


    From £3.80

  • Used by cabinet makers and restorers for hundreds of years.  An animal glue which comes in the form of pearls.  Excellent for veneer and structural joint bonding.  Soaked in water and applied hot, usually from a traditional glue pot.

    £7.65 exc VAT (£9.18 inc VAT)

  • A general purpose PVA glue.

    £3.00 exc VAT (£3.60 inc VAT)

  • Used by gilders in the making of gesso.  Rabbitskin glue is also an efficient wood glue.

    £21.70 exc VAT (£26.04 inc VAT)

  • May be used as a general purpose adhesive for book binding, for both spine and hand work and for bonding paper and paper products.

    ** Uk Delivery only **

    £47.25 exc VAT (£56.70 inc VAT)

  • A synthetic polymer emulsion based adhesive, used as a general woodworking adhesive.  Clear drying and fast setting.

    ** Uk Delivery only **

    £38.50 exc VAT (£46.20 inc VAT)