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Wire Wool

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  • Liberon ''0000''  Wire Wool
    A flexible ultra fine grade of steel wool, used for polishing / waxing and cleaning delicate surfaces, or to cut back between coats of varnish, paint or oil. 

    Sizes Available


    From £5.10

  • Liberon Wire Wool - A flexible steel wool available in various grades

    Grades '00', '0' & 1  -  Used for light cleaning and surface preparation
    Grades '2', '3', & 4   -  Used for heavy stripping and cleaning work

    Grades Available
    Sizes Available


    From £4.45

  • Trollull Steel Wool is an oil free professional grade wire wool.  Available in various grades - suitable for stripping, preparation and polishing of wood, metal, glass, stone and more.

    Grades Available


    From £6.25