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Special Effect Waxes

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  • Liberon Black Patinating Wax (250mls)
    Adds a coloured jet black finish or is used to highlight areas on finished wood.  For a quick ageing and black grained effect.  Apply the wax using ''0000'' wire wool directly onto bare wood or onto wood previously coloured.
    Ideal for ageing modern furniture.  Disguises repairs to old and new furniture.

    £12.75 exc VAT (£15.30 inc VAT)

  • Liberon Decorative Furniture Wax (500mls)  

    This wax is formulated with natural waxes and offers a metallic and pearlised finish, giving a silky sheen with iredescent reflections.  It nourishes the wood, is highly lustrous and hard wearing, and gives good resistance to finger and water marks.

    Available in a range of bold colours :  White, Pearl, Bronze, Oxide, Silver, Steel & Black

    Colours Available:

    £11.50 exc VAT (£13.80 inc VAT)

  • Liberon Liming Wax
    A smooth paste wax formulation to produce a white grained finish.  Particularly effective on oak and other open grain woods.  Can be applied directly onto bare wood or onto stained and sealed surfaces.  Some woods will benefit from opening the grain with a bronze / wire brush.  (See brushes).  For a more durable finish, overcoat with a clear wax polish, or for a water resistant finish, a finishing oil (see oil finishes)

    Sizes Available


    From £10.10

  • Liberon Special Effect Wax - Verdigris (250ml)
    Multi-purpose coloured wax.  Work into mouldings, bronzes, papier mache, plaster, picture frames, alabaster and carvings.  Alternatively apply as a wax finish to bare or coloured wood.
    Verdigris Wax -  Green hues of oxidised copper and brass

    Colours Available:

    £12.75 exc VAT (£15.30 inc VAT)