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  • Mylands Brushing French Polish
    This product is a new concept in the art of obtaining a French Polish finish on your antiques, new furniture or in fact any wood surfaces.  It provides more durability than normal shellac polishes.  A pale transparent varnish producing a clear film similar in gloss and appearance to traditionally applied French Polish but much simpler to apply.  An ideal coating for dining room tables, coffee tables, clock cases, chairs etc.  Recommended for all interior woodwork except kitchen and bathroom surfaces.  Not suitable for exterior application.  Brushes should be cleaned in Brushing French Polish Thinners.

    ** Mainland UK Delivery only **

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    From £18.30

  • Designed to give a crazed appearance to newly painted surfaces.  Used in conjunction with any water based emulsion paint.  Apply emulsion in colour of your choice, followed by a coat of crackle glaze, followed by another coat of water based emulsion.  The reaction of the glaze on the water based emulsion causes cracking and crazing, leaving an aged appearance.

    ** UK Delivery only **

    £18.85 exc VAT (£22.62 inc VAT)

  • Friction Polish
    A shellac based product which gives a quick and easy finish to turned woodwork.  Specially formulated for use on the lathe, it is applied on a soft cotton pad, direct to the wood.

    ** Mainland UK Delivery only **

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    From £14.80

  • Rustins MDF Clear Sealer
    Formulated with a water based acrylic emulsion, which has a milky-white appearance whilst liquid, but dries to a clear sealer.  When dry it can be painted or varnished with solvent or water based products.

    ** Mainland UK Delivery only **

    £5.85 exc VAT (£7.02 inc VAT)

  • Rustins Plastic Coating
    A two part cold cure lacquer ideal for furniture, marquetry, wood / cork and stone floors, golf clubs, musical instruments, resurfacing Formica and other plastic laminates etc.  The finish can be completely controlled from mirror gloss to matt, and is touch dry within the hour.  Heat, impact and solvent resistant.  Brush or spray application.

    ** Mainland UK Delivery only **

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    From £10.30