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Stains / Wood Dyes

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  • The vibrancy of a piece of antique furniture is often determined by its colour. When you’re looking to add a splash of colour to a faded piece of furniture, applying a wood stain might just be the ideal solution. That’s why we have a range of wood dyes available here at Restoration Materials to bring your antique furniture back to life.

    We can provide a range of concentrated water-based wood dyes for all your colour needs. Liberon’s concentrated water-based dye is excellent for mixing with water or acrylic paints to dye your wood to the colour you would like in a range of primary colours, black and white.

    For more serious colour, we can also provide spirit-based wood stains such as Morrell’s Light Fast Spirit Stain. Suitable for a range of application methods including rag, brush, spray and dip, these fast-drying stains come in an enormous range of colours, which can be mixed to create the exact shade you need.

    If you would prefer to create your wood dyes yourself, we offer high quality crystals and aniline powders ready to mix with both water and methylated spirits. While these may not promise light fastness, they are ideal for antique restoration finishes. We can also provide pigments suitable for mixing with shellac polishes.

    If you have any questions about any of our wood dyes or wood stains, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page. We’d be delighted to answer all questions you may have.

  • Mix with water, (suggested dilution 10% dye - 90% water) or add to emulsion paints, acrylic wood dyes, or water borne varnishes to customise colour.

    Colours Available:

    £4.50 exc VAT (£5.40 inc VAT)

  • Morrells Light Fast Spirit Stains
    A range of fast drying stains, suitable for rag, brush, spray or dip application.  Shades can be intermixed.
    Thinning / Cleaning :  Use methylated spirits

    ** Mainland UK Delivery only **

    Colours Available
    Sizes Available


    From £9.40

  • Set of 8 x 30mls - Light Fast Spirit Stains (Pigmented Colours)

    Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White & Yellow
    Quick drying, non fade.  Suitable for use on all hardwoods and softwoods prior to applying most conventional wood finishes.
    Thinning / Cleaning : Use Methylated Spirits

    ** Mainland UK Delivery Only **

    £15.40 exc VAT (£18.48 inc VAT)

  • Mylands (Oil Based Nitrostain) - Wood Dye
    A traditional wood stain (not light fast).  Can be applied by rag, brush, spray or dipping.  Shades can be intermixed.
    Thinning / Cleaning : Use thinners or white spirit

    ** Mainland UK Delivery only **

    Colours Available
    Sizes Available


    From £10.80

  • Liberon Palette Wood Dye - 500mls
    A water based dye blended with acrylic resins which minimise grain raising.  Designed for use on softwood, it penetrates slowly allowing you to control the amount of colour and to ensure an even coverage on wood.  All shades EN71 safe for toys.

    Colours Available:

    £9.80 exc VAT (£11.76 inc VAT)

  • Pigments - 50gms
    Not to be confused with the aniline powders, a selection of high quality pigments suitable for restoration colour work, used for mixing with shellac polishes and fillers etc.  They do not mix with water or spirit to make a stain.

    Colours Available


    From £2.35

  • A range of traditional powder dyes.  Ready to mix with methylated spirits or they can be added to shellac polishes.  These dyes offer poor light fastness, but are popular for anitque restoration finishes.

    Colours marked  **  are soluble in both meths and water

    Colours Available:

    £11.75 exc VAT (£14.10 inc VAT)

  • Vandyke Crystals
    Dissolve in hot water to achieve a brown colour, intensity of which is controlled by the strength of dilution.  The traditional method of colouring oak and walnut

    £8.95 exc VAT (£10.74 inc VAT)

  • Crystal water dye used for traditional staining.  Gives a brown stain.

    £42.50 exc VAT (£51.00 inc VAT)

  • Soluble in water.  Used for anitque restoration, and staining of leathers.

    Colours marked  **  are soluble in both water and meths.

    Colours Available:

    £11.75 exc VAT (£14.10 inc VAT)