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  • Rustins Acrylic Quick Drying Varnish
    This low odour acrylic varnish whilst liquid has a milky white appearance, but it dries to a hard, clear non-yellowing finish, and is suitable for use on wood, cork, mdf, and can be used as a sealer on concrete.  Touch dry in approx 20 minutes.  Clean brushes in water. 

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    From £8.90

  • Rustins Flexterior Clear Varnish - 1 Litre
    A long lasting clear satin outdoor finish.  Flexterior is based on an alkyd containing translucent pigments which do not hide the natural grain of the wood.  It provides a decorative and protective flexible finish which allows water vapour to permeate out of the wood, but prevents water from re-entering.  Due to its properties, Flexterior will not peel, crack or blister when applied correctly.
    It may be used on all new planed and sawn soft and hard woods.  Can be applied over existing paint and varnish if they are in good condition.

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    £19.25 exc VAT (£23.10 inc VAT)

  • Rustins Clear Polyurethane Varnish
    Can be used on clean wood, hardboard, mdf and unsealed cork.  Available in gloss, satin and matt.  Clean brushes in white spirit.  Drying time between coats 2 - 8 hours according to temperature and humidity at time of application.

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    From £7.70

  • Rustins Yacht Varnish
    Suitable for all types of exterior hard and soft woodwork such as doors, window frames, cladding, as well as marine woodwork.  Good resistance to rain, sunlight, frost, salt and chemically polluted atmospheres.  A high degree of flexibility, giving enhanced protection to cracking.
    Conforms to Safety of Toys Regulations NS EN 71 Part 3 1995

    ** Mainland UK Delivery only **

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    From £9.10