Wax Polishes

When it comes to reviving a piece of furniture ,and bringing back that lustre, it’s definitely worth considering using wax polish. Using wax polish on your wooden furniture will restore its appearance, covering blemishes and preventing it from drying out again in the future. That’s why here at Restoration Materials, we aim to provide some of the best wax polish available on the market.

We are now delighted to stock ‘Renaissance Wax Polish’. Originally formulated in the British Museum research laboratories. When thinly applied the wax film is glass-clear, with no discolouration of the underlying surface. Free from acids it will not damage even sensitive materials or items of historic value. With its moisture resistant properties, it is ideal for use on furniture or wood carvings, stone or metal – interior and exterior. The list is endless.

We provide a range of other wax polishes, which are excellent on new, used and antique furniture. If you’re looking to protect your furniture from finger or water marks, why not take a look at Liberon’s Black Bison wax polish?. Supplied in liquid wax form or in a thicker wax paste, both are available in a range of colours to suit your needs.

All our wax polishes are suitable for all types of wood furniture, as well as nourishing and protecting larger wood surfaces such as doors, panels, beams, and skirting boards.

If you would like to know more about any of the wax polish brands we have in stock, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact page.

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