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An object’s original finish can be severely affected over time. It may have lost its lustre due to wear and tear, or it may have gained minor defects on its surface such as grime, stains, and scratches. Here at Restoration Materials we aim to help our customers remedy this problem with our excellent range of polish revivers.

No matter what type of furniture you’re looking to restore to its original glory, you will be able to find the right polish reviver to do it. Our Craftsman Original polish reviver is designed to give a new lease of life to tired looking furniture, removing dirt, grime and old wax from all wooden surfaces without damaging the original patina. We can also provide burnishing creams which as well as rejuvenating highly polished surfaces are also ideal for restoring organic materials such as ivory and mother-of-pearl.

In addition to polish revivers designed to restore specific materials, within this section of our site you can also obtain revivers suited to handling particular defects. Examples include Rustin’s scratch cover, Liberon’s ring remover – ideal for tackling stubborn heat and water rings created by cups and mugs– and Liberon’s wax and polish remover, a great option prior to refinishing or stripping an object.

If you are wondering which polish reviver would be best for your individual needs, please do get in touch with us here at Restoration Materials and we’d be happy to answer your question. Likewise, if you can’t find the specific product you’re looking for, we will happily recommend a similar alternative.

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