Restoration Materials: An Introduction

The chances are that you’ve discovered our website as you’re in the middle of a restoration project. Whether you’re looking to return an antique bookcase back to its former glory, or treat the beautiful wooden flooring you’ve unearthed under a gaudy carpet in your new home, we have all the products to assist you in your endeavours.

Here are some of the most popular categories of products that we have to offer here at Restoration Materials. We pride ourselves in offering consistently competitive prices and individual delivery to ensure that your potentially hazardous or flammable purchases get to you in the quickest and safest manner as we can.

Polishing Mitts/Cloths

Similar to the polishing cloths you would normally find at the supermarket, our polishing mitts are ideal for buffing your metal to a wonderful shine. Our 2-pack brass polishing mitts are made of quality cotton and impregnated with the finest polishing compounds to give your brass the best shine possible.

Whether it’s brass, silver or jewellery that you’re looking to polish, you can find the right polishing tools here. We stock polishing mitts designed to handle brass and silver, while you can even buy a pack of polishing cloths suitable for brass, silver and jewellery.

Polish Revivers

It’s a sad sight when an object’s original finish has lost its lustre or has gained minor surface defects such as stains and scratches. Luckily, you can easily remedy this by using one of our diverse range of polish revivers.

Highlights include our Craftsman’s Original polish reviver which is designed to remove dirt, grime and wax from all wooden finishes without damaging the patina, and burnishing creams ideal for materials such as ivory, mother-of-pearl, and brass. You can also obtain specific removers for scratches, heat and water rings from mugs, and wax polishes.

Antiquing Fluid

Whilst our products can mainly be used to restore old pieces of furniture, books or jewellery, we also supply a number of antiquing fluidwhich can help you achieve that vintage feel with ease.

Whether you’re looking to alter brass, copper, steel or bronze, we have a product that will be well suited. Vintage and distressed looks can be very en-vogue, and you don’t have to wait centuries for the effect to naturally occur with the purchase of antiquing fluid.

Contact us!

Now that you know more about just a small sample of the wide range of products that we offer, why not contact us here at Restoration Materials today to see how we can help with your restoration project? We can advise you as to the best restoration products to buy, taking into account your particular circumstances.

If there’s a product you require but cannot currently find on the Restoration Materials website, be sure to drop us an email or pick up the phone and we will do our best to provide you with it, or offer you the best possible alternative from our store.

Restoration Materials
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