Hints and Tips on How to Transform Your Furniture Using Restoration Materials

Do you have modern or antique furniture, be it a bookcase, chest of drawers, table and chairs still in good condition but looking a little tired  and  neglected ?   They can easily be transformed with a little TLC and brought back to their former glory with a few simple steps.

Firstly remove the surface layer of grime and any  old  waxes,   without damaging the natural underlying colour or patina using Wax & Polish Remover.  Do this by soaking a pad of Ultra Fine Steel Wool (Grade 0000) in wax and polish remover, squeeze out the excess and work a small area at a time gently washing the surface with the grain of the wood where possible.  Allow a few minutes to work, then while the surface is still wet use a clean lint free cloth to wipe off all the old softened wax, dirt and grime.  Allow the surface to dry completely before re-finishing.

Next put the lustre back into your item.  We have a large range of wax polishes to choose from to enhance the natural beauty of the wood, as well as nourishing and protecting.  Available in a range of colours.  Choose the appropriate shade for the surface and apply sparingly with a cloth or Ultra Fine Steel Wool (Grade 0000).  Allow to become touch dry for approx. 20 minutes and buff to a sheen with a clean cotton cloth or wax Polishing brush.

Give a new lease of life or a complete makeover to picture frames, mirrors and decorative ornaments around the home with our range of Gilt Creams and Varnishes.  Liberon Gilt Cream is perfect for touching up small pieces of damage on gilt finishes, highlighting raised areas of carvings and mouldings or to create an entirely new gilt surface.  Available in 6 shades which can all be intermixed to create your own colour tone.

Apply to the surface with a cotton cloth or small brush for intricate areas.  Allow to dry for a minimum of 4 hours and either leave matt or buff to a shine.

Alternatively we have a range of Gilt Varnishes and  Metallic Paints, ideal for gilding new surfaces and particularly recommended for fine detail gilding.  Can be used on wood, pottery, metal and plaster.  An excellent alternative to traditional gilding methods.  Transform many objects around the home from lamps, vases, statues, emblems, metal furniture and mirrors.

Tip :  The Sovereign Gold Ardenbrite Metallic Paint is established as the only acceptable substitute for gold leaf, and can be easily applied at a fraction of the cost.

Who to Contact

Here at Restoration Materials, we are a small, family run business passionate about providing our customers with the correct materials to help restore furniture and transform many objects around the home.  We provide an extensive range of products including wood and metal finishing, a large selection of traditional furniture fittings, gilding materials, clock parts and more

Please do not hesitate to get in contact and discover how we can help you to transform your furniture today.

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