Catches/Stays & Table Fittings

You may be the proud owner of a Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian piece of furniture, but find that it is now missing the fittings it needs. Here at Restoration Materials, we stock an excellent variety of catches, stays and table fittings so that you can bring your table or piece of furniture back to life and functional again.

We can provide a variety of furniture fittings from table forks and table screws to banjo catches and round button catches in a range of different sizes. Made from solid brass, and manufactured in England, these fittings have been reproduced to replicate the style and size of the originals.

Our range of stays is also impressive, such as our brass joint and sliding stays in a variety of sizes – perfect for historical and modern items such as boxes or cabinets. With so much to choose from you will surely find the right one to return your furniture to its former glory.

If there is a type of fitting you are looking for but can’t find here, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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