Looking to clean / polish your ornaments, furniture fittings or even jewellery ?  You’ve come to the right place.  Here at Restoration Materials we have an excellent range of products to suit your needs.

Check out our Brass & Copper Polish. An excellent metal polish which gives rapid removal of tarnish, grease or dirt deposits. Produces a superb shine to not only brass and copper,  but to zinc, pewter & stainless steel also. Easy to apply, with excellent anti-tarnish properties.

Why not add some magic to items around your home with Silver Plating Solution.  An advanced easy to use product, that will transform articles and add value to them by re-plating a layer of pure silver.  Apply to base metals or revive heavily worn silver, without electrolysis.   Being waterbased, it is biodegradable, non toxic and solvent free.

If it’s a silver polish you’re after, we’ve got that covered too.  Nu-Line Silver Polish effortlessly cleans tarnish from your old, tired, worn out silver and silver-plated articles.  Instantly restores a brilliant silver shine, and also includes an anti-tarnish agent.

Finally, the metal polishes we supply are supported by our own brand of polishing cloths and mitts.  These brass and silver cloths or mitts are impregnated with the finest polishing compounds.  Being re-usable, they will therefore buff your items to perfection again and again.  Our range of cloths include one for jewellery too. Impregnated with microfine jewellers rouge, to bring back that lustre and shine to all precious metals without scratching.

With plenty of choice, you’ll be bringing life back to items around your home in no time, with little effort.  So choose the best option for you, and contact us now.



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