Cellulose Lacquers

Cellulose lacquers are hard wearing and quick drying.  Designed to give a tough, long lasting finish to any piece of timber they are applied to.

Cellulose Aerosol Lacquer

We stock a range of high quality, fast drying, nitro-cellulose lacquers. Ideal for retouching and minor repairs,  these easy and ready to use cellulose lacquers are supplied in an aerosol spray.  Best used on small items,  as getting a good finish from an aerosol on something large is quite difficult. Available in a clear gloss, satin, semi-matt or matt finish, as well as a range of colours.   Touch dry within 10 minutes, and also re-coatable, ready for sanding in 20 minutes.

Cellulose Sanding Sealer
Use Cellulose Sanding Sealer to seal open pores of bare timber, prior to the application of  lacquers, waxes or polishes. Sanding Sealers also bind the loose fibres of the timber together giving a more solid foundation for the next coat. This helps make sure the final finish is able to adhere properly, making a more durable finish. Cellulose Sanding Sealer is very quick drying, usually touch dry in 30 seconds and ready to be sanded within five minutes. This makes it ideal for a quick, easy, yet professional base for your finishing.  Once dry lightly sand for a smooth surface. Very popular amongst wood turners.

Melamine Lacquer
Looking for a hard-wearing, heat and water resistant, quick drying gloss lacquer ?  You need look no further than Melamine Lacquer.
Based on cellulose technology, Melamine Lacquer has a catalyst suspended within it.  Once applied and exposed to the air, the lacquer dries within five minutes like a cellulose, and then the catalyst kicks in. The lacquer goes on to chemically cure to give a hard wearing, durable coating.

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