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Antiquing new or bright, brass, copper, bronze or mild steel couldn’t be easier.  Look no further than here at Restoration Materials. We have a range of solutions to give you that antique look. Designed to aid your restoration projects, matching new to old.

Our cold patination treatments are perfectly suited for a range of projects.  In particular we recommend our excellent Curator Antiquing Fluid. Capable of ageing brass, copper and bronze in minutes. This cold patination treatment is available in a range of colours :  Black, Brown, Bronze and Old English Brass. Ideally suited for antique restoration and used widely in the lighting and metal fabrication industry.  As well as brass, copper and bronze,  the black is also suitable for use on mild steel, as well a imparting a dark grey colour to zinc.

Other patination treatments we offer include a rusting solution. This is an acid solution creating a red oxide rust on ferrous metals such as mild steel and cast iron. Achieve striking effects. For example –  on ferrous achitectural pieces such as cast iron garden furniture or mild steel lamps.

Our Verdigris Solution produces a genuine green Verdigris effect by a chemical reaction with the surface metal. This replicates the verdigris patina which occurs naturally to these metals due to atmospheric reaction.

Use our Curator Pre-treatment as a degreasing agent to thoroughly clean your item prior to antique patination, then if desired, apply a coat of our protective oil or a wax polish to your metal for the final finish.  Exterior items will require a suitable sealing lacquer after the antiquing application.

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