1 # Antiquing Fluid – Trial Pack

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Antiquing Fluid – Trial Pack

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Curator Antiquing Fluid Trial Pack
4 x 30mls (Black, Brown, Bronze & Old English Brass)

The ‘NEW’ trial pack allows you to sample and test out the different colours available, before buying a larger quantity.

Quickly age brass, copper and bronze, with our Curator Antiquing Fluid.
This cold patination treatment,  is available in a range of colours :  Black, Brown, Bronze and Old English Brass, with the black also being suitable for use on steel.
Control colouration level by dilution with up to 10% solution in water, making it very economical.  Ideal for use in antique restoration, metal fabrication and lighting industry.
Remove residues of grease / oil prior to antiquing with our Cold Patination Pre-Treatment solution.
Seal finished items with either a finishing wax, oil or appropriate lacquer.

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